Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade 190mm x 25mm - 1 Pack


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The extremely durable carbide saw blade in a reinforced design for extreme use in dismantling and demolition work.

  • High-temperature-resistant carbide saw blade for maximum wear resistance in abrasive materials and all kinds of construction materials
  • Cross-set, reinforced teeth for fast cutting
  • Progressive tooth pitch or different tooth spacing for maximum service life when cutting different material thicknesses and types of material
  • The universal shank makes it easy to change the saw blade quickly on all reciprocating saws with an S-shank mount
  • Safely stowed away and quickly on hand in the intended Systainer³ insert
  • for extreme demolition work in all kinds of construction material

Main applications

  • For wood with nails and screws (hardened)
  • For wood with steel parts
  • For dismantling window and door frames
  • For cutting construction wood with mortar residue
  • For dismantling drywall constructions
  • For cast iron
  • For GRP/epoxy
Tech Specs
Pitch (mm)
3.40 mm
Length (mm)
230.00 mm
Width (mm)
25.00 mm
Thickness (mm)
1.25 mm
Length of cutting blade
190.00 mm
Pitch (TPI)
7.00 TPI/ZpZ
Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade 190mm x 25mm - 1 Pack