Hole Drilling System Set for LR 32 System


  • $550.00
  • SKU: 583290


Festool's LR 32 adjustable shelving system allows quick and precise hole placement without time consuming measuring and marking. Compatible with OF 1010 and OF 1400 routers, as well as previous OF 900 and 1000 models, the LR 32 easily creates 32 mm spaced shelf pin holes for your furniture. The straight forward system (LR 32 SYS) contains clamps, stops, cutters and the guide plate that is fitted to the router. 8 mm cutter and 8 mm collet is required for the LR32 to work with the OF 1010. The LR 32 guide rail with positioning holes is purchased separately in 1400 or 2424mm lengths. The rail can also be used as a regular guide rail with Festool routers, saws and jigsaws.

Main Applications

  • Create shelf pin holes for furniture
Guide Plate with Centering Mandrel
2 x Parallel Side Fences with Adjustable Stop
2 x Longitudinal Stops