CMT 3 - 1 FLUSH TRIM 12.7D X 12.7L TRI. BEARING 1/4S


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  • SKU: 807-128-11

CMT's 3 in 1 flush trim bits with Delrin triangular bearings are your best partner for laminate trimming. They solve three of the most common problems that occur in flush trimming jobs. 1) Freezing of the bearings from glue. Delrin ; with its anti-stick properties greatly reduces the likelihood of bearing failure. 2) The extended guide surface of the Delrin bearing will perfectly match the work surface without scratching like steel bearings do. This guarantees maximum stability. 3) The shear angle cutting edge reduces the need for filing. Ideal for use with plastic laminates as well as aluminium laminates.

Brand CMT
Bearing Diameter 12.7mm
Cut Length (I) 12.7mm