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For centuries, the dovetail joint has been the sign of a craftsman, using the CMT Dovetail Router Bit they are possible for even the novice. Dovetails joints are not only beautiful to look at, but are also an incredibly strong joint. Whether it is through dovetails, half blind dovetails or sliding dovetails, these are an ideal way to achieve the look and functionality desired by so many woodworkers.

Shop tips: The first initial cut should be made to remove the bulk of the waste, with a second pass made to ensure all of the intended material is removed. Many jigs work in a way that the bit cannot be seen as the cut is being made, so it is easy to miss material. Before removing the workpiece, check to make sure the cut has been completed.

Due to the profile of the bit, it is captive within the material, so is under a great deal of stress, especially when doing sliding dovetails. To reduce the amount of stress, removing a bulk of the waste using a straight bit or even saw blade on a tablesaw will reduce the amount of material that the router bit needs to remove.

Safety tips: As the bit is captive within the timber, it needs to slide into and out of the timber in the same way. It should not be lifted out of a cut until it is free of the workpiece and jig, and only when the router has come to a complete stop.

Brand CMT
Cut Angle
Cut Length (I) 9.5mm
Shank Size 1/2"
Length 63.5mm
Diameter 9.5mm