Impulse IM90i Battery Charger Kit


  • $169.00
  • SKU: B30200


  • Slim Line Power Input
    • Vertical space-saving power adapter
    • Saves space on a multi-socket power board
  • Switch Mode Technology
    • Automatic shut down when the battery is not connected to save power
    • Battery protection circuitry to prevent overcharging
  • Stable Charger Base
    • Improved safety
  • LED Charge Indicator Lights
    • Red light indicates battery requires charging
    • Green indicates battery is fully charged
    • Flashes between green and red when charging a very flat battery
  • Removable Battery Insert
    • Designed for the Paslode Impulse® IM90i Battery (B30150)
    • Remove the insert and the charger base can be used with the standard Paslode Impulse® IM350 Battery (B20544E)