Beaver B-Safe Tradie Roofers Kit


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  • SKU: BK061215TRAD

The fully compatible components contained in the backpack make using the B-Safe Roofers Kit not only
safe to use but safe to carry - hands free to assist access. The Kernmantle rope used in conjunction with high strength grab
provides positive location and free movement when required - no more birdsnesting in 3 strand rope.
Harnesses and shock absorbers are highly rated - meeting the requirements of AS1891.1 - all
harnesses also proof loaded prior to packaging and have 160kg capacity. Kit is 100% visually inspected prior
to packaging. B-Safe Tradie Roofers Kit is ideally suited for work on most roofs when
used in conjunction with appropriate anchorage. We recommend all users be fully conversant with
competencies for working at height contained in AS/NZ 1891.4.

Unit Description BH01120TRAD - Fall Arrest Harness

BS010315A - Rope Safety Line - 15 metres Kernmantle Rope fitted with twist lock karabiner at one end and BSM0012 - manual rope adjuster

BP03101.5 - Attachment strap - 25mm web rated for 1 Person

BL01000HD - Tear Webbing Shock Absorber with loops each end

BSK0003 - Alloy Steel Twist Lock Karabiner x 3 (includes 1 for BS010315A)

TRADIE Back Pack